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2020 +++
The challenge

Ace is a personal trainer and life coach who contacted us to build her personal brand. Her goal is to help elevate women at all stages of life and encourage them through their journey’s of self improvement. Ace aims to reach and impact young women and mothers who are actively seeking to better their confidence, minds, bodies and souls. We were given the opportunity to help her achieve that goal with her new branding.

Our solution

We’ve crafted a visual identity that embodies the lifestyle Ace promotes; one of continuous growth and self healing through physical and mental stimulation. An energetic, fun, yet serious brand, “ACE” is also an acronym for the 3 pillars of trainer Acil’s lifestyle: Aspire, Commit, Evolve. We’ve decided to incorporate those 3 steps into the logo. Find the detailed breakdown of the logo concept below.

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