Cuisine Lakay Lola

An hommage to Haitian cuisine

Category | Branding
2021 +++
The challenge

Cuisine Lakay Lola is a brand that caters to those with fast paced lives and appreciation for traditional and healthy Caribbean food. Their main goal was to redefine and elevate the Caribbean culinary experience. Our team was tasked with their rebrand, followed by the redesign of their website, which was in great need of an improved user experience.

The solution

Our approach was to create a perfect hybrid between nostalgic and chic. The classic illustrations referencing familiar Haitian spices as well as Haiti’s national flower add a refined feel to the brand identity while making a subtle connection to the Caribbean roots of the brand. We built a brand that felt like home to those close to Haitian culture, while being a distinct introduction for those discovering it for the first time.

  • Art direction

    Ashley Phillips

  • Web designer

    Rachel Zhang

  • Web development

    BeCurious Studio

  • Creative consultant

    Helen Tran

  • Project manager

    Miro LaFlaga

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