Home + Space

Home + Space

Bringing luxury to the renovation space

With architects and interior designers being their main clients, the Home+Space team offers guidance and facilitates communication between renovators and the homeowners they cater to.

The company is a resource and consultancy providing a wide range of quality kitchen and bath products. When H+S contacted us, they were already in business, but had no brand identity or website to help legitimize the company and differentiate themselves from well known competitors in their industry.


We started off by building a minimal, sophisticated and design oriented identity that merges luxury and artistry to help differentiate H+S from big industry players who have a safer, more traditional look and feel.

We positioned the brand to be recognized for its attention to detail and creativity, giving them a fresh competitive edge. The brand’s look and feel were translated to the design of the site, where we focused on interactivity and storytelling while maintaining the luxurious aesthetic we established with the brand identity.

A play on the plus sign, the icon is a reference to the words “Home” and “Space”. A home represents a foundation that we all rely on for comfort and stability. We used the line below the plus sign to represent that foundation. When we think of the word space, we think of expansion, a blank canvas for abundant possibility. The plus sign represents that idea. It also paints a picture of the division of space in a home either from a birds eye view (similar to a floorplan) or from a dollhouse view, where the plus sign can be seen as the division of two floors in a home.