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2020 +++
The challenge

Montreal’s Museum of African Caribbean Art is a newly established museum with a focus on curating pieces by artists of the African and Caribbean diaspora in order to connect black people from all over the world through our art and shared history. The MACA’s goal over a 5 year plan is to become a reputable establishment in Canada for Afro-Caribbean artists. It reached out to Canadian afro descendent designers to create the visual identity of the museum. Our co-founder Ash Phillips’ design was selected by a jury for its modern and timeless look to become the face of the museum.

Our solution

We designed a logo that made a subtle reference to african arts without falling into clichés by taking inspiration from the shapes and patterns of Bogolan prints and giving them a modern twist. We incorporated the Museums’s acronym in the logo design, merging the letters together to amplify the value of connection.

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logo museum of african caribbean art
museum of african caribbean art logo
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