New Room

New Room

A space to learn and be heard

New Room is a team of impact and innovation designers that drive social & organizational transformation. They offer programs and services built to support the personal, professional and collective transformation of teams and everyday leaders of change. When they reached out to us, they had great vision and ambition, but needed help communicating all that the brand stands for.


We facilitated a brand sprint, where our team and theirs dove deep into the organization, leading to many breakthroughs and clarity around how best to communicate the brand with their audience.

With everything we gathered during the sprint, our team solidified the tone and mission statement, and designed a brand identity that encapsulates the flexible and adaptive nature of the brand.

The icon is a versatile, abstract reference to the letters “N” and “R” and uses negative space to represent the opening of an archway. The shape and its archway stretch, morph and open up to represent the nature of this new space; space created for and by leaders of change that is ever evolving, changing and adapting to the needs of its community.