Nature Of Your Dream

A dreamy music video with a message

nature of your dream
Category | Creative Direction
2018 +++
The challenge

Horus is a folk musician. Through his music, he questions and challenges social issues and the nature of his own reality. In preparation for his first single Nature of Your Dream, Horus wanted to make a lasting impact while addressing a topic that was close to him. He reached out to us to help him tell a story inspired by a friend and start important conversations about black transgender realities.

Our solution

Starring Eve Degbey-Gutierrez, the short film to NOYD is a creative piece, symbolically and artistically bringing to light certain struggles many trans women must face to get through the day.

nature of your dream
  • Production

    Six Cinquième

  • Director


  • Co-director

    Evangéline Kabuya

  • Assistant director

    Miro Laflaga

  • Screenplay

    Ashgrxphics et Miro Laflaga

  • DOP/Cinematographer

    Juliette Anna Lossky

  • Art direction

    Ashgrxphics et Miro Laflaga

  • Video editor


  • Photographer

    General Q

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