Vivid Memory Studios

Vivid Memory Studios

Transcending music stories

Vivid Memory Studios is a tech startup aspiring to become the MTV of virtual reality. They had an ambitious vision for the company, but lacked the branding to help convince the artists and partners to jump on board. They came to us with the desire to create something unique that would capture the studio’s mixed reality focus and creativity.


After an intensive brand sprint session, our team developed a flexible brand identity with the potential to build an iconic legacy. We positioned Vivid Memory Studios as bold pioneers in their industry, disrupting our perception of reality and the music world as we know it with their unique offering.

An abstract reference to the letter V and M, the icon can be stretched or condensed to represent brainwaves at different cognitive states. Different states of consciousness (neutral: alpha waves, dreamy: stretched theta waves and focused: condensed beta waves) in the identity mirror the emotional states, visions and realities that manifest during the mixed reality experiences offered by Vivid Memory.

The sharp geometric shapes, vivid eye-catching RGB inspired colour palette along with a modern yet timeless font make for a bold, sexy and sophisticated brand.