A newfound look and purpose

Westbrook Inc is the entertainment and multimedia company behind award winning film and television such as King Richard, Red Table Talk and Bel-Air to name a few. Founded only in 2019 by Miguel Melendez, Ko Yada and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, at the time they reached out, the young company was experiencing much success, with many strong up and coming projects in the works.

However, like many early creative companies taking big strides and moving with a sense of urgency, they had not yet had a moment to step back and craft a narrative that thoughtfully told their story as a brand and emergent media leader.


Internally, both employees and executives started to question, “What can Westbrook’s legacy be?” and “What do we represent as an independent brand and company?”

Westbrook needed to become a brand that could more clearly lay out its key differentiators, creative ethos and brand trajectory as a talent-led production company.

That’s where we came in. The Six Cinquième team decided to work from the inside out, bottom up, to gain a deep understanding of Westbrook’s culture, brand potential, aspirations and vision.


Our goal was to consolidate all perspectives and visions of the company to build a brand that truly reflects the shared inspiration, talent, and vision of the people behind it. 

Over the span of two days, we facilitated two co-creative workshops as part of our discovery phase, where we gathered insight into the company, first from the employees’ perspectives and then from the executive team’s perspective. Working closely with the WB team, we narrowed in on what makes WB unique by supporting them as they thought aspirationally about the brand and future of the company.

Together we discovered that WB is a group of friendly rebels, connecting people globally through shared stories of human truth, sparking unexpected growth and inspiration in people, collaborating with and empowering diverse perspectives. These ideas were at the heart of the company’s goals, values and ambitions. Their premium content – which can live anywhere, make you laugh or cry, win Oscars or Webbys – inspired the brand’s personality. One that knows when to take itself seriously, or not, but always delivers just what you need in the best possible way. 

These ideas and concepts were translated to define their brand strategy, refine their logo, create a refreshed design system and rework the way in which the company articulates its vision.


In the end, we collaborated with the Westbrook team to create a visual brand that captured the diverse spectrum of ideas behind it. But beyond a fresh new look, we presented Westbrook with a strong, clear strategic branding framework that highlighted their work to become a more authentic, impactful company.

Our strategy and guidance provided them with the creative space and language needed to amplify their business lines and even start ideating new ventures to secure the brand’s longevity and further the success of their greater mission. 

We helped Westbrook gain clarity to communicate their purpose driven brand with confidence. The company now has a clear brand to continue building on which staff and prospective partners can feel proud to be part of and engage with — One that is as much an internal reflection of the company as it is the work they put out.