Our mission is reflected in the brands we work with

What does this mean?

Much like the companies we collaborate with, Six Cinquième was created out of necessity; The necessity to shake things up in our industry for the better.


Every industry is different, but for us specifically, our agency exists to redefine the expectation and perception we have of creative agencies and creative people. We favor the full spectrum of creative expression from QTBIPOC creatives, all while making beautiful, meaningful work for companies with the same desire to push for positive impact in their own ways.


Whether it be on a micro level or a macro one, all positive impact inspires us on our own mission.


Six Cinqe

Six Cinquième is a Montreal based Strategic Design agency helping visionary companies define and express who they are through branding.
We support them on their own missions of disrupting their industries and ultimately, building a legacy that will shape a better future. Our approach is intentional and strategic, because building brands with the potential to create impactful change in a world that fears change itself requires careful thought and consideration.

We do what we do, because we understand that strong knowledge of one’s purpose and value makes for great brands, and the greatest brands can be leveraged to better fulfill both a company’s mission and the needs of its people. These are the brands that shape the future. These are the brands that we help build.


Ash Phillips & Miro Laflaga