Grand Montréal Comique

Grand Montréal Comique

A fresh new look for 2020

Grand Montréal Comique is an annual comedy festival that takes place across Montreal and its neighbouring cities. The festival’s branding for previous years was not being utilized to its full potential and lacked cohesiveness which made it hard for them to connect with their audience. We were mandated to give them a fresh look and feel for the 2020 festival which would have taken place in the summer.


We created a cohesively branded visual campaign for the summer festival and reimagined it in a way that made it more approachable and clear for their audience.

However, as Covid hit, our plans for the brand got put on hold. Luckily, the work we put in was not in vain. By salvaging the aesthetic we had established, the festival was later reimagined as an online experience which took place in early fall 2020.