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zoofest posters
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2019 +++
The challenge

Zoofest is a Montreal comedy festival that takes place annually. The festival unites the best comedians the city has to offer. It is an opportunity for new and established comedians to strengthen their fanbase. Several comedians contacted us to create enticing posters to help promote their participation in the festival.

Our solution

Jey Fournier, Adib Alkhalidey and Charles Pellerin are some of the comedians we worked with for the festival’s 2019 edition. We created unique photo manipulations that evoked the themes and moods of their shows, and that helped them stand out from the crowd.

zoofest adib alkhalidey poster
zoofest poster jey fournier
zoofest charles pellerin poster
  • Design

    Six Cinquième

  • Photography

    Bastien Carrière

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