TechBBQ 2023 | Branding for Believers

TechBBQ 2023 | Branding
for Believers

We were selected to be part of TechBBQ’s 2023 edition, which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The theme of the event centered around “Entangled,” exploring our state of hyper-connectivity and entanglement with new technologies, companies, and complexities unfolding across the world. These factors drive and shape the pace and scope of the events experienced by founders. The goal was to untangle the complexities of the wild founder journey.

Founders Ash Phillips and Miro LaFlaga were invited to facilitate a workshop that delved into the idea that branding is more than just a visual communication tool for clients; it’s a tool to unite and mobilize teams. Building a brand should be something that everyone within an organization feels connected to. The session focused on ways to achieve this, the benefits, and the signs to look out for.