In Flux: Poetry Films

In Flux: Poetry Films

How does Black creativity manifest?

In Flux: Poetry Films is a creative accelerator program that was created by Phi Centre with the goal of mentoring and offering support to aspiring black filmmakers. Three teams were challenged to create a short vertical film answering the theme: How does Black creativity manifest?

Untitled at the time, PHI needed guidance on how to communicate this new initiative with an audience that was unfamiliar to them. They wanted to make sure that the project and its communications were authentic in its approach and in upholding its values.


Six Cinquième worked with PHI to develop the theme of the project, which resulted in the birth of the accelerator’s name “In Flux”.

We wanted to highlight the perpetual nature of Black creativity not just for the Poetry Films event, but for future events as well. We also developed a creative strategy and creative direction for the launch of the project’s call for submissions and its subsequent communications, as well as the art direction for all visuals.

We wanted to ensure that PHI took a backseat from the project’s communications and content, leaving room for the mentors and participants to be the main focus. The project culminated in a launch event premiering the short films, which was a major success for all involved!