Fredy V. and The Foundation

The band makes its mark

foundation fredy v animated logo
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2020 +++
The challenge

Fredy V + The Foundation is a band that is unapologetically rooted in black culture, yet prides itself in being the transatlantic bridge between the American and African continents. While preparing for their official introduction to the world as a band, they looked to us to help them make a strong impact. Our job was to build their brand from scratch and set the tone for their ambitious career ahead.

Our solution

By getting inspired by their sound and the band mate’s authentic, carefree relationship, we created a brand identity that embodied the essence of the band’s energy and music. For the logo, we visualized bricks towering atop one another to create a whole, with each letter being a block and creating a foundation visually, figuratively and literally. The platform that is the “Foundation” supports the text above it, symbolizing the team effort of the band and its capacity to uplift others through music.

The warmth and funky energy established in the brand identity was then translated to their cover art and promotional materials.

foundation fredy v t shirt models
foundation fredy v logo
foundation fredy v cover art
foundation fredy v cover art
foundation fredy v back art
foundation fredy v logo coloured
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