Masla Empathy Lab

Masla Empathy Lab

A playground for human connection

Previously known as Bindia Savaria Consulting, Masla Empathy Lab is a JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) consultancy. In the midst of their rapid growth, the organization lacked a clear and intentional brand vision that would reflect their impact and credibility.

At the time she came to us, founder Julie Savaria operated as a solo facilitator, making it challenging to separate her personal brand from the work, scale the business and establish a strong team. She knew a comprehensive rebranding and renaming project was a necessity to address these issues.


A new name and identity rooted in heritage.

Our approach to rebranding and renaming the consultancy focused on creating an identity that could stand independently from Julie’s personal brand while still being inspired by her Senegalese heritage, her light approach, the nature of her JEDI work, and the influence of her background in bio chemistry. After careful consideration, we uncovered the Wolof word “Masla,” meaning “To be diplomatic, to respect others, to find a better way to communicate, to have some tact.” This term referenced Julie’s heritage while encapsulating the essence of the organization’s mission – fostering human connection and co-creating paths towards Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.


Meaningfully going from “consultancy” to “Empathy Lab”

This word choice was intentional. A lab is a place for experimenting, trying new things and coming up with new ways of doing things. It makes reference to the hard work that goes into JEDI practices, but it also sounds more tangible and tactile even though we are working with intangible concepts. It also sounds fun and intriguing, which is great as we want the work to feel light. What happens in an empathy lab? The contrast between Empathy, an intangible, with Lab is a reflection of the rigour and creativity offered by the organization. We also thought the use of the word Lab was a fun nod to Julie’s background in biochemistry.


Embracing imperfections, the visual identity playfully opens the door to vulnerability and self reflection.

Masla’s visual identity embraces minimal and memorable iconography paired with a modern sans-serif typeface, offering versatility in the expression of the brand’s unique personality. Four icons representing the four keys to JEDI are drawn with rugged lines, creating organic, imperfect shapes. These shapes are artfully stacked to symbolize balance and the idea of working and building together, reflecting the organization’s core values.

The icons also offer flexibility, allowing for adaptation and deformation depending on the space they occupy. The logotype font is thoughtfully paired with a complementary sans-serif typeface, designed with imperfect, contrasted lines that harmonize with the style of the icons.


Having enjoyed early success with consistent high-quality clients and exceptional feedback, the rebrand served as the catalyst to propel Masla Empathy Lab to the next stage.

Julie’s vision for the organization became more focused, and with the new branding in place, she was better equipped to leverage her success, set the stage for future growth, build her team and go on to become a certified B Corp.